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Hovedside for artikler » Translations » Hormone treatment versus gender-modification surgery
Hormone treatment versus gender-modification surgery
Hormone treatment versus gender-modification surgery.

In response to gradually many personal communications with me about gender-modification surgery action, I feel I rise to the following general information:

I hear regularly that many allegedly transsexuals M2F, after negative experiences at Rigshospitalets Sexological Clinic (SK), on their own searches for example, Thailand, for there to have made the appropriate "gender reassignment".

I would like to warn against that, more or less on their own and at his own risk, throwing himself into such a project.

With the risk of being suspected of visiting SK's errand, I can not strongly enough to point out the need to firstly get diagnosed transsexual from the medical side, and is undergoing hormonal treatment under medical control, with blood sampling devices every three months, over a period of not less than two years before a planned surgery.

A gender-modification surgery involves a physical castration, which simultaneously causes an almost immediate cessation of one's libido (sexual ability), which is an enormous psychological strain - such overnight.

We are prepared for a dramatic change in the life thus far has been the subject. In other words, we should examine the above hormone therapy, which is preparing more human soul and psyche of a whole new life as the opposite sex.

It is also my experience that many postop transsexuals stop the hormone therapy shortly after an gender-modification surgery have occurred. Let me emphasize that hormone therapy is a lifelong process. The surgical procedure removes the testicles (castration), but the adrenal glands continue their production of the male sex hormone. Hence, beard growth because even after an gender-modification surgery, although significantly reduced. Even after a surgery will be M2F transsexuals are not even producing the female hormone estrogen, which is why we must continue with the consumption of this hormone.

It has never been involved in my own personal reflections, subjecting me an gender-modification surgery intervention. But I also believe that I, after several years of treatment with sex hormone estrogen, today would refrain from a surgery, if this had been my desire from the start. Mentally, I am fully in place, and see myself living as a woman of my age. My surroundings perceive me as a woman.

On the more physical sexual characteristics in step height - it's actually almost non-existent today, and in each case the rudimentary nature. If I had now been removed penis and purse, and had it replaced with an artificial vagina, it is largely a matter of what I had to use such a vagina to. It is a fact that it has very few biological heterosexual men who can ignore that a transsexual woman, has previously been male, and that it in the reason of homophobia discourage them from starting a lasting relationship. Any sexually ratio will typically include a one-night-stand.

It is also a fact that the vast majority of postop transsexuals (both M2F and F2M), live single life. We are generally not very popular in a permanent relationship, and what should you then use an artificial vagina for?

I have also learned that some postop transsexuals later regret surgery - which is nothing less than a disaster. It is an irreversible surgery - done deed is not going to change. If such a trans-sexual then stop hormone therapy, then disaster almost finished. It ends up as a sexual being resolved, usually in solitude.

As mentioned, there have been people who have regretted. It is clear that this course will SK to take a somewhat skeptical and reserved position on a so-called gender reassignment. There have been cases where SK has said yes to gender-modification, where the gender switch has operated subsequently undone. In such a situation, SK has incurred a liability mentally because of failed diagnosis, a responsibility which can be very difficult to tackle post.

Against this background, there may well be some people who perhaps should have been met, will be rejected. It is better to reject a case should have been approved, how painful this may be the case, than to approve a subsequently ends up as a deeply unhappy man.

My attitude is this: 

Initiate a doctor checked hormone treatment over a period of not less than two years. Estimate then, if you really still want a surgery?
Assess whether the desire for gender reassignment is large enough so that you will live as a single.

Having said all that, so I think certainly that politicians and authorities should be far more accommodating and understanding of the transgender wish to be registered as the desired sex - even without a surgery.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------

I am tempted to come up with this quote from a newspaper article:

"At Rigshospitalet, which today accounts for the majority of gender reassignment operations in Denmark, acknowledges senior Consultant at the plastic surgery department, Soren Partoft that often occurs as high complications, which makes it necessary to send the patient back on the operating table. However he believes that it is inevitable. 'These are technically difficult operations, which are inevitably fraught with complications, "he said. He also stressed that all patients be informed of the risks in the operation, and that many of his patients both smoke and are overweight, and to affect adversely the operation.
"Many of them have that kind of lifestyle problems, and it has huge importance for the successful outcome is," he said.
--- "Quote" ---
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